Welcome to the Bear River Commission's Website

The Bear River Commission was created in 1958 pursuant to the Bear River Compact (as amended PL 96-189) between the states of Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. The Commission is composed of nine gubernatorial appointed Commissioners, three from each of the signatory states, as well as a Federal Commissioner appointed by the President, who serves as Chairman without vote. The responsibility of the Commission is to carry out the provisions of the Bear River Compact. The Compact defines its purposes as follows:

The Major purposes of this Compact are to remove the causes of present and future controversy over the distribution and use of the waters of the Bear River; to provide for efficient use of water for multiple purposes; to permit additional development of the water resources of Bear River; to promote interstate comity; and to accomplish an equitable apportionment of the waters of the Bear River among the compacting States.

The purposes of this web page are to provide information regarding the function and activities of the Bear River Commission, to serve as a repository for key documents and to provide links to the information and data used in the equitable distribution of the waters of the Bear River.

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